Item #14911U The Wall of Birds: One Planet, 243 Families, 375 Million Years. An Artistic Journey. Jane Kim, Thayer Walker.

The Wall of Birds: One Planet, 243 Families, 375 Million Years. An Artistic Journey

Publisher: Harper Design, 2018.
Binding: Hardcover.
Condition: Near Fine.
Pages: 224

Damaged tail of spine.The complete illustrated history of birds from their earliest origins to today, featuring 300 full-color images drawn from the magnificent Cornell Lab of Ornithology's Wall of Birds mural, and a complete fold-out image of the entire mural.

Commissioned to celebrate the centennial of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the epic 2,500-square-foot Wall of Birds mural - created by renowned artist Jane Kim over three years - depicts the 375-million-year evolution of birds. It is the only mural in the world to depict representatives from all 270 types of modern birds, in addition to twenty-seven other evolutionarily significant relatives, from the tiny five-inch Marvelous Spateultail hummingbird to the monstrous 30-foot Yutyrannus.

Part homage, part artistic and sociological journey, The Wall of Birds tells the story of these species' remarkable evolution. With a foreword by John W. Fitzpatrick, Director of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and full of lush photographs of the gorgeous, life-size birds painted in exacting detail, The Wall of Birds lets you explore the diversity of these amazing creatures continent by continent, and provides beautifully crafted narratives that will give readers an understanding of the evolutionary forces that created their dazzling variety of forms and colors, and give insight to how each species spread and developed across the globe.

This extraordinary compendium also offers the artist's intimate reflections on the art of science illustration, and includes unique glimpses into her artistic process, such as how she expertly mixed an 'avian pantone' palette to create subtle highlights and lowlights for each bird.

From the Great Gray Owl to the Great Blue Heron, the Atlantic Puffin to the Lilac-breasted Roller, the Common Ostrich to the Emperor Penguin, the Splendid Fairywren to the Crimson-breasted Flowerpecker, The Wall of Birds is a visual feast, essential for bird lovers, naturalists, environmentalists, and art enthusiasts alike.

About the authors:

Jane Kim is a visual artist, science illustrator, and the founder of Ink Dwell, an art studio created to inspire people to love and protect the natural world. She has produced works for the National Aquarium, the de Young Museum, the Rhode Island School of Design, Yosemite National Park, and others.

Thayer Walker is an author, journalist, and cofounder of Ink Dwell Studio. He has served as a correspondent and feature writer for Outside magazine for more than a decade. His work has appeared in dozens of publications, including the New York Times, Men's Journal, The Atlantic, and Scientific American, and has been featured on NPR and KQED.

Item #14911U
ISBN: 9780062687869

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