Messages from an Owl

by Terman, Max R.
Messages from an Owl

Messages from an Owl

by Terman, Max R.

Format: Hardcover

Release Date: 1/1/1996

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217 pp. As new hardcover in dust jacket. When zoologist Max Terman came to the rescue of a great horned owlet in a Kansas town park, he embarked on an adventure that would test his scientific ingenuity and lead to unprecedented observations of an owl's hidden life in the wild. In Messages from an Owl, Terman not only relates his experiences nursing the starving owlet, 'Stripey,' back to health and teaching it survival skills in his barn, but also describes the anxiety and elation of letting a companion loose into an uncertain world. Once Terman felt that Stripey knew how to dive after prey, he set the owl free. At this point his story could have ended, with no clue as to what the young bird's fate would be--had it not been for Terman's experimentation with radio tags. By strapping the tags to Stripey, he actually managed to follow the owl into the wild and observe for himself the behavior of a hand-reared individual reunited with its natural environment.

ISBN: 9780691011059

Publisher: Princeton Univ Pr

Year of Publication: 1996

Page Count: 214

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