The Birds of Siberia: The Yenesei

by Seebohm, Henry
The Birds of Siberia: The Yenesei

The Birds of Siberia: The Yenesei

by Seebohm, Henry

Format: Paperback

Release Date: 1/1/1986

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Paperback in very good condition. Following his successful expedition to the Petchora Valley of Russia, Seebohm decided on a much more arduous and lengthy journey to the Yenesei river. The details of how he travelled six thousand miles to meet their ship for the return, how they lost her, and had to travel home again by land are the subject of this book. He also describes a little-known people and their way of life and brilliantly recounts the successes, the frustrations and failures in his search for birds. The observations on nesting habits and behavior are still of interest coming as they do from a region that is hardly better known to the ornithologist today than it was a hundred years ago. A classic of travel narrative. B & W illustrations.

ISBN: 0862992605

Publisher: Hippocrene Books

Year of Publication: 1986

Page Count: 504

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