Thayer Birding Software, Version 7. Guide to Birds of North America

by THAYER, Peter
Thayer Birding Software, Version 7. Guide to Birds of North America

Thayer Birding Software, Version 7. Guide to Birds of North America

by THAYER, Peter

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This amazing birding resource is like a multi-media field guide for your computer...that sings! Plus, the identification wizard allows you to easily identify unknown birds - just enter what you can: color, size, habitat, location...and instantly get a photo gallery of possible matches. Photos, songs, videos, and quizzes in this software make learning about birds fun and interactive, and will help you hone your birding skills in no time.

Features Include: eField Guide, Identification Wizard, Sightings and Life List Reports, View Just Birds of Your Area, Side-by-side Comparisons, Custom Lists, View Similar Birds, Internet Reference Sites, My Comments Section, Display Bird Names 10 Ways, Band Codes, Abundance Maps. And in the Windows version you can also: Import Your Own Photos, Make Your Own Quizzes, See Petey the Parrot. This version is the biggest overhaul of the software yet! See 987 species of birds found in the continental US and Canada.

Now contains over 3,000 BRAND NEW PHOTOS, for a total of over 6,500 images. . Photo gallery and comparison views feature larger images. . Version 7 also has completely new bird song files with higher-quality sound. There are now over 1,500 sound files, so most birds now have multiple songs/calls included.. . The layout of the program has been updated to a more modern feel, and the Field Guide pages now have two feature photos at the top.. . Quiz feature includes additional options such as viewing female or other photos, comparing birds side-by-side, and shuffling the order in Flash Card mode.. . The new version includes uses 2015 taxonomy, and range maps and state checklists have been updated.

Version 7 for Windows will run on Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. The Mac version will run on OS X 10.8 - 10.11.

Note: This page is for the hard copy of the software, mailed to you on a USB flash drive. The software is also available as a download. If you have high-speed internet access, you might want to consider buying the download! Get the download at a discount price if you use the following link: and enter the following discount code: Buteo22922.

ISBN: 1934573000

Publisher: Thayer Birding Software

Year of Publication: 2014

Weight: 0.5 lb

Series: THAYER