Birds in China

by Guangmei, Zheng, Zang Cizu
Birds in China

Birds in China

by Guangmei, Zheng, Zang Cizu

Format: Hardcover

Release Date: 1/1/2002

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Edition: First edition

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Near fine hardcover in dust jacket. Slight damp wrinkle and stain to dust jacket. Birds in China includes 8 parts; Summary, Natatores, Grallatores, Terrestores, Raptators, Scansores, Passeres and index of bird names in Latin, Chinese and English. Chinas' main and rare birds, 633 species, are briefly described in morphology, distribution, life habitd, and protected status. It's 700 colorful pictures show their style and features.

ISBN: 7503830875

Publisher: China Forestry Publishing House

Year of Publication: 2002

Page Count: 273

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