The Auk Vol. 87 No. 3

by Verbeek, Nicolaas A.M.; et al
The Auk Vol. 87 No. 3

The Auk Vol. 87 No. 3

by Verbeek, Nicolaas A.M.; et al

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Release Date: 1/1/1970

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1970. Paperback in very good condition. Papers include: Breeding Ecology of the Water Pipit. Verbeek; Sharp-shinned Hawk Prey Preference. Mueller and Berger; The Mechanism of Pipping in Birds. Brooks and Garrett; Hummingbird Territoriality at a Tropical Flowering Tree. Stiles and Wolf; Florida Sandhill Crane Nesting on the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge. Thompson; Parental Recognition and the Mew Call in Black-Billed Gulls. Evans; Notes on the Seabirds of Round Island, Mauritius. Gill, Jouanin and Storer; Tufted Titmouse Breeding Behavior. Brackbill; A New Anseriform Genus and Species from the Nebraska Pliocene. Short; Feeding Behavior of Downey Woodpecker. Kilham; Territories, Multiple Nest Building and Ploygeny in the Long-billed Marsh Wren. Verner and Engelsen; The Function and Evolution of the Supraorbital Process in Ducks. Raikow

Publisher: The American Ornithologist's Union

Year of Publication: 1970

Page Count: 633

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