The Ornithology of Australia

by Diggles, Sylvester
The Ornithology of Australia

The Ornithology of Australia

by Diggles, Sylvester

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As new facsimile limited edition, number 407 of 500. Printed by offset lithography and bound in half grey leather. Three Volumes: Volume 1 (Parts 1 to 7), 1989; Volume 2 (Parts 8 to 14), 1990; and Volume 3 (Parts 9 to 21), 1992. The Ornithology of Australia was originally published in Brisbane between 1866 and 1870. This facsimile edition faithfully reproduces the plates and text from the complete set held by the family of Captain S.A. White. The126 plates were executed by Diggles and his niece , Rowena Birkett, who was apparently the artist who hand coloured the plates. An introductory essay on Diggles and White continues at the beginning of each volume. Endpaper illustrations are specific to each volume. Small folio.

ISBN: 0724365567

Publisher: State Publishing, South Australia

Year of Publication: 1989

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