Extinct Birds

by Fuller, Errol
Extinct Birds

Extinct Birds

by Fuller, Errol

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1987 Fine hardcover in price-clipped dust jacket. This is an absorbing study of the world's recently extinct bird species, the first complete survey since Rothschild's classic work of 1907. Since 1600 some 75 bird species have become extinct. The author has drawn on a wide range of sources for his accounts of the birds, their habitats and demise. Nearly all species are illustrated with color plates from archival sources. This is a fascinating record of those species of birds which have been unable to adapt and survive, and a timely reminder of man's capacity to change his environment for the worse. B & W and color illustrations.

ISBN: 9780670817870

Publisher: Viking Rainbird

Year of Publication: 1987

Page Count: 256

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