Birds of Venezuela, Version 2.0: MP3 Sound Collection [CD]

by Boesman, Peter
Birds of Venezuela, Version 2.0: MP3 Sound Collection [CD]

Birds of Venezuela, Version 2.0: MP3 Sound Collection [CD]

by Boesman, Peter

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No less than 4196 recordings of 1270 species are included on this single MP3-DVD! That is 95% of all the Landbirds of Venezuela. The collection of recordings has a total playing time of over 33 hours, the equivalent of some 30 audio CD's !!

When preparing a birdtrip to Venezuela, the selection of birdsounds is a labor-intensive and time-consuming task. Now Peter Boesman has done this work for the birdwatcher visiting Venezuela. The sounds for this production were carefully selected, checked and integrated by him. To make it even more easy all recordings are ready to put on your iPod, iPhone, iPad or any other MP3-player (as long as it has 1.3 GB of space).

This collection can be considered quite complete (> 95% Venezuelan birdspecies can be found on this single disc). It includes most of the vocalizations commonly heard while exploring Venezuelan nature (excluding pelagic seabirds, and vagrant bird species). This is the first time ever such a complete collection is being published for Venezuela. Nearly 30% of all South-American birdspecies are presented on this unique disc.

Most of the recordings have been taken by Peter Boesman in Venezuela itself during the years he used to live there and his many trips all over the country in the last 10 years. To increase the overall comprehensiveness an important number comes from other (surrounding) neo-tropical countries. Peter could use his database of over 23.000 recordings from the Neotropics. While this formed an excellent basis to start from, it is thanks to the many contributions of other recordists that this comprehensiveness could be achieved !

Every recording includes embedded information such as English name, Scientific name, Date and time of recording, Locality name with coordinates, Recordist, and in some cases further remarks or comments about background species. This information can be consulted in standard software like Windows Media Player, iTunes and even on some MP3 players like the iPod series. Typically several soundfiles per species are included, e.g. to illustrate different types of vocalizations, to illustrate some degree of geographical variation or to document vocalizations from different corners of a bird's distribution. Complete printable booklet in PDF is included on the CD.

MP3-CDs can be used in the following ways:

  • On your CD-player (MP3 compatible, preferably upto 999 songs), be it desktop at home or portable for in the field
  • On your MP3-player (any type, e.g. iPod and iPhone), by just copying the MP3 files into your player, an easy and very quick way to have them all available in the field
  • On any computer (PC or Mac) by just opening your standard file browser (e.g. Explorer in Windows) and clicking the sound files
  • On any computer (PC or Mac) in a songs or music software such as iTunes, which gives you additional search and sort features and shows the information embedded in the MP3 files.


Year of Publication: 2011

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