Birds of Costa Rica: MP3 Sound Collection [CD]

by Boesman, Peter
Birds of Costa Rica: MP3 Sound Collection [CD]

Birds of Costa Rica: MP3 Sound Collection [CD]

by Boesman, Peter

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The collection of recordings presented here (some 2,060 recordings of 765 species) has a total playing time of over 15 hours, the equivalent of some 15 audio CDs. This audio-DVD format has a much greater capacity than a standard CD format, allowing such a huge audio collection to be stored on a single disc. The collection can be considered quite complete, and includes most of the vocalizations commonly heard while exploring Costa Rican nature (excluding pelagic seabirds and the Cocos island endemics). This is the first time ever such a complete collection has been published for Costa Rica.

The publisher has made a special effort to bring together a comprehensive sound collection, illustrating as much as possible the bird voices of Costa Rica, with multiple voices per bird: no less than 2,060 recordings of 756 species are included. With this MP3-DVD a major gap gets filled.

Every recording includes embedded information such as English name, Scientific name, Date and time of recording, Locality name, Recordist, and in some cases further remarks or comments about background species. This information is displayed when you play each track on an MP-3 player with a display, in iTunes, Windows Media Player, or a similar audio program, and on many newer CD players with display.

IPOD, IPHONE and IPAD READY ! Includes a complete printable booklet in PDF on CD.

These MP3 discs can be played on any computer, CD-player, or DVD player capable of playing MP3-format sounds. If your equipment is more than a few years old, check to see if it is MP3 compatible.
Most computers can play MP3-DVDs. But sometimes very old computers can not due to the capability of the disc-drive. Please check if your computer disc-drive is DVD compatible.
To have the songs available on portable equipment, an MP3 player is indeed the best solution. The flagship player is the Apple iPod, but there are a wide range of MP3 players available on the market which all work fine.

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Year of Publication: 2011

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