Birds of Australia MP3 Sound Collection

by Van Gessel, Fred
Birds of Australia MP3 Sound Collection

Birds of Australia MP3 Sound Collection

by Van Gessel, Fred

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This MP3-DVD audio disc covers 600 bird species of Australia, with over 2,000 (stereo) recordings, with extra information where and when each recording was made, totaling over 15 hours of birdsounds (the equivalent of approximately 15 CDs). As an extra bonus: one hour of soundscapes recorded in Australian nature reserves.

THE BEST OF MP3 Every recording includes embedded information such as English name, Scientific name, Date and time of recording, Locality name with coordinates, Recordist, and in some cases further remarks or comments about background species. This information can be consulted in standard software like Windows Media Player, iTunes and even on some MP3 players like the iPod series. Typically several soundfiles per species are included, e.g. to illustrate different types of vocalizations, to illustrate some degree of geographical variation or to document vocalizations from different corners of a bird's distribution.

Play on a CD player, smartphone, MP3 player, or PC.

IPOD, IPHONE and IPAD READY ! Includes a complete printable booklet and user manual in PDF on CD.

ISBN: 9789075838152


Year of Publication: 2013

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