Lizards Vol. 1

by Rogner, Manfred
Lizards Vol. 1

Lizards Vol. 1

by Rogner, Manfred

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Field Guide=A guide with illustrations or photographs for identification
As new hardcover. The Care and Husbandry of Lizards; In the Vivarium; Vivaria; Sunlight and Artificial Lighting; Feeding; Vitamins, Minerals and Trace Elements; Reproduction; Artificial Incubation; Temperature Dependent Sex-Fixing; Geckoes; Lidded Geckoes; Double-Fingered Geckoes; Bell-Fingered Geckoes; Gekkoninae; Fin-Footed Lizards; Agamas; Chameleons; Iguanas; Basilisks; Anolis; Spiny Iguanas; Keel-Tailed Iguanas.Color photographs.

ISBN: 0894649396

Publisher: Krieger Publishing Company

Year of Publication: 1997

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