Les Oiseaux de l'Indochine Francaise

by Delacour, J.; P. Jabouille
Les Oiseaux de l'Indochine Francaise

Les Oiseaux de l'Indochine Francaise

by Delacour, J.; P. Jabouille

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Release Date: 1/1/1931

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Les Oiseaux de l'Indochine Fran�aise, Tome I-IV. Complete set bound in teal cloth. Original wrappers bound in. Each volume signed by Delacour on half title page. In addition, each volume is inscribed by Willoughby P. Lowe to his son Prescott Lowe on ffep. Willoughby P. Lowe was a naturalist and collector who joined Delacour on several expeditions to Indochina. Les Oiseaux de l'Indochine Fran�aise is a classic work on the avifauna of French Indochina (present day Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia). Sixty-seven plates, sixty-six in color, after H. Gr�nvold. Some plates bound out of order. Maps. �An important faunal work on the birds of a large and hitherto obscure area, the ornithology of which is still comparatively little known.� Mengel. Photo of Capt. J. Delacour attached to ffep. Newspaper article by J. Delacour [1939] regarding the loss of his collection at Villers-Bretonneaux [Picardy] during WWII pasted to half title of Tome 1. See Buteo Books item # E215 for Lowe�s account of his Indochina travels.

Publisher: Paris: Exposition Coloniale International

Year of Publication: 1931

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