Connecting with Owls [DVD]

by Cameron, Kathleen
Connecting with Owls [DVD]

Connecting with Owls [DVD]

by Cameron, Kathleen

Format: DVD

Release Date: 10/26/2015


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Filmed entirely in North America by filmmaker and avid birder Kathleen Cameron, this film documents the beauty of owls in their natural habitats. Owls are fascinating birds that have many physical attributes that set them apart from other raptors. Many of these attributes have led to beliefs about owls that are false. The realities about what owls can and cannot do are addressed in this film. The truth about how owls do what they do is in fact amazing!

Owl species featured in this film are: Barn, Long-eared, Short-eared, Great Horned, Great Gray, Boreal, Northern Saw-whet, Burrowing, Flammulated, Western Screech, Northern Pygmy, and Northern Hawk Owl, with cameo appearances by: Snowy and Barred Owl. Viewers of all ages and levels of interest in bird watching will enjoy this film and will be energized to learn more about owls and to utilize the clues provided to find and observe them.

The DVD length is 34:11 minutes. Formatted for standard computer or television screens.

Year of Publication: 2014

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