Arctic Summer: Birds in North Norway

by Vaughan, Richard
Arctic Summer: Birds in North Norway

Arctic Summer: Birds in North Norway

by Vaughan, Richard

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Release Date: 1/1/1979

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This book presents a portrait in words and pictures of the Varanger Peninsula in North Norway and its birds. Year after year, birdwatchers have flocked to the Varanger Peninsula. Most have stayed a few days only, many hampered by show and rain, and publications about the area and its birds have in consequence been scattered and fragmentary. In 1972, during what was probably the hottest, sunniest summer Finmark has ever experienced, Richard Vaughan had the good fortune to spend several weeks in the area during most of the breeding season of the Arctic waders and other birds. He took full advantage of this to travel widely through the peninsula, and in this book he has been able to present the most detailed description of this remote area and of its bird life to date.

Illustrated with color and black & white photographs. New hardcover in dust jacket.

ISBN: 0904614018

Publisher: Anthony Nelson Limited

Year of Publication: 1979

Page Count: 152

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