Waterproof Shoulder Bag for Birdwatchers

Waterproof Shoulder Bag for Birdwatchers

Waterproof Shoulder Bag for Birdwatchers

Release Date: 12/31/2022


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Buteo Books is pleased to offer a waterproof shoulder bag, custom-made to carry field guides, binoculars, notebooks, and travel documents. Having used a variety of shoulder bags to carry essentials in the field over the years none of which met his requirements, Allen Hale came up with a design and contacted Rosalba Couture, a local clothing and design company specializing in well-made, one-of-a-kind garments to produce a prototype. The prototype has been field tested here in Virginia and in Panama�s tropical heat and downpours and has proven to be exactly what Allen wanted. A limited number of these hand-made shoulder bags from Rosalba are now available for purchase by our customers. The body of the bag is made of olive 10.10 oz Army Duck (canvas) with Martexin Original Wax. The main inner pouch is constructed with Obsidian Diamond Quilted Nylon with a full-length zipper. There are two outer pockets with velcro closures. The front pocket is covered by the front flap with plastic, quick-release buckles, the back pocket is held closed by velcro (Allen uses it to carry documents and currency as it is hidden against his side). The nylon shoulder strap is adjustable.

Shipping Weight: 3.00 lb