The Merlin- Updated Edition

by Sale, Richard
The Merlin- Updated Edition

The Merlin- Updated Edition

by Sale, Richard

Format: Hardcover

Release Date: 2/8/2023

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Edition: Updated

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2019. Updated and extended edition. The Merlin is a very special bird. One of the smallest ‘True Falcons’, it stands outside the usually assumed grouping of the others, and also prefers a habitat which differs markedly from them. While most falcons are found in warmer climes, the Merlin is a northern dweller, occupying a circumpolar range at the fringes of the Arctic. This book draws together what is currently known about this elusive, but beautiful and enchanting species.

ISBN: 9780957173224

Publisher: Snowfinch Publishing

Year of Publication: 2019

Page Count: 352

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