Gulls of North America

by Shaffer III, Fred
Gulls of North America

Gulls of North America

by Shaffer III, Fred

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Release Date: 3/21/2022

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Although they are familiar and amusing characters, gulls are frequently dismissed as common 'parking lot' birds or because their diverse species can be hard to identify. Both assumptions disregard the beauty and grace of gulls, which are among the most approachable of North America�s birds. This photographic field guide provides a user-friendly introduction to the plumages of 27 North American gull species in different stages of maturity. Ranging in size from the dove-like Little Gull to the eagle-like Great Black-backed Gull, their behavior and habitats are equally varied. With more than 500 color photos, detailed captions, and fold-out comparison guides, this book allows readers to better appreciate these charismatic birds by learning shortcuts for easy identification in the field'

Our Opinion: This small guide measures 18 x 14 x 2 cm or 7 x 5.5 x .8 inches.  Extremely portable, this photographic guide is still chock full of useful information. Each species gets its own 'chapter,' with natural history, structure and field marks, plumage by age, size, and several photos from every age and angle. It also includes a fold-out comparison chart and a useful bibliography.

ISBN: 9780764362941

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing

Year of Publication: 2022

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