Southern African LBJs Made Simple

by Newman, Doug and Gordon King
Southern African LBJs Made Simple

Southern African LBJs Made Simple

by Newman, Doug and Gordon King

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Southern African LBJs Made Simple is a useful guide to the cryptic little birds that are universally known as 'little brown jobs'. With the help of color coding and careful design, the reader is systematically guided through successive sorting stages: from family group, to 'visual group' within the family, and finally to the species. Each step takes one closer to identifying the bird in question.

Carefully labeled illustrations, distribution maps, concise text describing key ID criteria (such as size, habitat, habits, call and similar-looking and -sounding birds), and characteristic features summarized in an 'At a glance' box all help pinpoint identity. Calls play a critical role in identification of this challenging group of birds, and a major innovation is the use of barcodes alongside each species to scan and play individual calls and comparative tracks by means of a free downloadable call app.

This enhanced and updated new edition will be an invaluable guide for anyone who wants to be able to tell one LBJ from another.

ISBN: 9781775846536

Publisher: Struik Nature

Year of Publication: 2021

Page Count: 152