Falcons of North America, Second Edition

by Davis, Kate

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Falcons of North America, Second Edition

Falcons of North America, Second Edition

by Davis, Kate

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Release Date: 4/15/2021

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'It should be no surprise if many people buy this book for the photos alone, because they are superbboth stunning and unique. But a glance at the text, which is eminently worth reading, draws a reader further into a raptors world. The considerable amount of interesting information new to this edition makes it an excellent survey of the biology of North American falcons, written in a style that transmits the authors passion for the fascinating creatures that they are.' - Hans Peeters, Author, Artist, Naturalist

Bold and beautiful, falcons hold a special place in the hearts of people. In Falcons of North America, renowned raptor advocate and environmental educator Kate Davis opens a door into the lives of these extraordinary, enigmatic birds of prey.

Since the publication of the first edition 13 years ago, advances in technology have revolutionized the study of falcons. This updated and revised second edition contains completely new classifications of the six North American falcon species based on DNA studies. Population trends are explored, with discussions of the mysterious decline of the American Kestrel and the impact of global warming on falcons, particularly the arctic-dwelling Gyrfalcon. Davis also includes fascinating details on one of the greatest conservation success storiesthat of the Peregrine Falconfrom a brush with extinction in North America to greater populations than ever before, even thriving as city dwellers across the continent.

Photographs by Kate Davis, Nick Dunlop, and Rob Palmer

ISBN: 9780878427017

Publisher: Mountain Press

Year of Publication: 2021

Page Count: 264

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