Birds of Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia

by Beehler, Bruce M., photography by Middleton Evans
Birds of Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia

Birds of Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia

by Beehler, Bruce M., photography by Middleton Evans

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A Great Blue Heron wades in the shallows of the Potomac River, scanning for unsuspecting prey. Sunlight turns the water translucent as a small school of fish rises to the water's surface. The heron strikes and moments later is swallowing its quarry—predation in action! This handsome Great Blue Heron is but one of the more than 400 bird species found in Delaware, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. It shares the mid-Atlantic with kingfishers, eagles, mergansers, wood warblers, and many more.

Exploring backyard birds, birds of prey, and birds of the open ocean, Smithsonian ornithologist Bruce Beehler and premier nature photographer Middleton Evans have crafted a comprehensive volume unparalleled in its beauty and captivating storytelling. Birds of Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia invites readers to experience the birds' lives as they live them: where they nest, how they forage, their various behaviors, and the natural environments they need to survive.

Beehler offers practical advice on bird-watching, including how to find, attract, and even garden for birds, as well as the best places to see them in season. He also discusses the best birding apps, websites, and gear; provides advice on planning a birding field trip; and recommends ornithological institutions that will help you cultivate a lifelong birding hobby. Finally, Beehler challenges the reader to think about conservation efforts to preserve local bird populations.

With striking color photographs of more than 400 species, this book is a bonanza for nature lovers. A wealth of images immerse the reader in the world of these wonderful creatures. Marvel at the majesty of Ospreys, navigate the ocean with storm-petrels, and nest with Mourning Doves, all while learning about the richness of the birds' lives, the complexities of their habits, and how we can help keep their populations vibrant and aloft for generations to come.

Ornithologist Bruce Beehler is a research associate in the Division of Birds of the National Museum of Natural History. He is the author of North on the Wing: Travels with the Songbird Migration of Spring. Renowned photographer Middleton Evans is the author of Rhapsody in Blue: A Celebration of North American Waterbirds and The Miracle Pond: Baltimore's Patterson Park, Wild beyond Imagination.

Our Opinion: A unique publication, this book begins with an introduction to the habitats and seasons in the mid-Atlantic and the unique birding possibilities there, as well as practical advice for attracting, feeding, and conserving the birds of the region. The Bird Group Accounts combines families into twelve chapters organized by ecology, behavior and habitat with detailed overviews of each group. The Birding Tools section discusses apps and websites, gear, trip planning, institutions and references. The Bird-Finding Guide section includes a Photographic Atlas and Finding Guide with advice on finding each bird regularly found in the region. It continues with Birds Rarely Recorded in the Region, Coded Regional Checklist and Seasonal Occurrence Chart, and Best Birding Localities. The book also includes a map on the endpapers of birding hotspots and recommended birding sites. This exhaustive tome is an essential addition to the personal library of anyone living in or near the Mid-Atlantic region.

ISBN: 9781421427331

Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press

Year of Publication: 2019

Page Count: 480

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