Birding the Hudson Valley, New York

by Schneider, Kathryn J.
Birding the Hudson Valley, New York

Birding the Hudson Valley, New York

by Schneider, Kathryn J.

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Release Date: 10/29/2018

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Finding Guide=A guide to the best birdwatching locations
A guide to birds and birdwatching in the Hudson Valley, New York.

Although an estimated four hundred thousand Hudson Valley residents feed, observe, or photograph birds, the vast majority of New Yorkers enjoy their birdwatching activities mostly around the home. Kathryn J. Schneiderís engaging site guide provides encouragement for bird enthusiasts to expand their horizons.

More than just a collection of bird-finding tips, this book explores Hudson Valley history, ecology, bird biology, and tourism. It describes sites in every county in the region, including farms, grasslands, old fields, wetlands, orchards, city parks, rocky summits, forests, rivers, lakes, and salt marshes.

Designed for birders of all levels of skill and interest, this beautifully illustrated book contains explicit directions to more than eighty locations, as well as useful species accounts and hints for finding the valleyís most sought-after birds.

Reviews / Endorsements

'More than a book about where and when to bird, Schneiderís guide also covers how to bird. Included are techniques, equipment, and skill-building activities - along with information about the regional birding community and birding ethics. Schneider offers a welcome focus on conservation through eBird, Christmas Bird Counts, and other community science efforts to track the health of our planet through birding.' - Anne Swaim, executive director, Saw Mill River Audubon

'This book has something for everyone! Beginners get started with tips for learning bird songs and calls, buying binoculars, field guides, and apps, and joining local bird clubs. Experts can learn all about terrific destinations along the Hudson River from Troy to New York City, including directions, maps, history, habitats, and species found. And there is more - read about the role of glaciers, and later, humans, in altering the landscape of this region.' - Joan Collins, editor of New York Birders

ISBN: 9781611687187

Publisher: University Press of New England

Year of Publication: 2018

Page Count: 334

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