50 Top Birding Sites in Kenya

by Ngarachu, Catherine
50 Top Birding Sites in Kenya

50 Top Birding Sites in Kenya

by Ngarachu, Catherine

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Finding Guide=A guide to the best birdwatching locations
A book that outlines the top 50 birding spots in Kenya. Each site is structured in the same way according to key headings: overview; location; visitor info; habitat; key species; where to see what at that site, and other wildlife. Color photographs of sites and species will accompany each entry. The book will appeal to local birders and tourists. For the very first time, local and international birders will have a detailed guide to Kenya's best birding sites, which will help them to locate the key species in each area, including sought-after 'specials' and endemics. It offers: a map for each site with specific guidance on where to look for particular birds; detailed information about the birds likely to be seen; advice on when to visit; tips for planning your trip, and; descriptions of each site, detailing the plants and other wildlife that may be encountered.

ISBN: 9781775842484

Publisher: Penguin Random House South Africa

Year of Publication: 2017

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