A Californian's Guide to the Birds Among Us

by Hood, Charles
A Californian's Guide to the Birds Among Us

A Californian's Guide to the Birds Among Us

by Hood, Charles

Format: Paperback

Release Date: 10/5/2017

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Field Guide=A guide with illustrations or photographs for identification
This new guidebook introduces casual birders to 120 of California's most easily seen bird species - native and exotic alike - as found in a mix of urban, suburban, and traditionally natural habitats. Full-color images and clear, direct descriptions make identification easy, and author Charles Hood supplements the essential information with surprising facts and trivia, including endangered-species recovery stories and the world record for grasshoppers eaten by one flycatcher in a single day. In sections addressing which gear to buy, where to go birdwatching, and how to read a birdsong transcription, Hood encourages readers to take ownership of their experiences, no matter their level of ornithological expertise. This accurate, lively, and even quotable guide will inspire people to notice nature more closely and find joy in interacting with the astounding diversity of avian life in California.

ISBN: 9781597143837

Publisher: Heyday Books

Year of Publication: 2017

Page Count: 155

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