The Birder's Guide to Africa

by Mills, Michael; photography by Tasso Leventis
The Birder's Guide to Africa

The Birder's Guide to Africa

by Mills, Michael; photography by Tasso Leventis

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Finding Guide=A guide to the best birdwatching locations
A comprehensive summary of countries, families and species of Africa and related islands.

The first comprehensive summary of bird watching in the African region, featuring: -An Introduction with an analytical overview of birding in the region, including heat maps to illustrate the birding potential of territories within the region. -Country Accounts for all 68 territories that comprise the region, detailing information on birds and birding (including lists of key species), travel and literature. -Family Accounts for all 142 bird families recorded from the region, with photographs. -Species Accounts for all 2,792 bird species, including information on where to best see them.

Our Opinion: This is the best single book to plan a trip to any country on the African continent. The introduction gives an overview of birding on the continent, with recommendations based on the relative importance of different criteria to the birder: World Lister, Balanced-, Leisure-, and Budget-birders, and Explorers. Country Accounts offer an overview, Birds and Birding (species, diversity, habitats, areas, endemism, timing, and exploration); Travel information (safety, cities, ease, attractions, money, geography, size, and climate); Literature (recommended books and media). Family Accounts summarizes each family, including the possibility of seeing all species of a single family. A useful overview of the families and their representation in Africa. Species Accounts list all extant birds recorded from the region, plus a few recently extinct. Each lists endemism, English and Scientific name, Difficulty, Special categories (endemism) status, abundance, habitats and range, where to see, and notes.

ISBN: 9780620717250

Publisher: Go-Away-Birding

Year of Publication: 2017

Page Count: 544

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