The Birds of the Falkland Islands: An Annotated Checklist

by Woods, Robin W.
The Birds of the Falkland Islands: An Annotated Checklist

The Birds of the Falkland Islands: An Annotated Checklist

by Woods, Robin W.

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The most comprehensive checklist ever published for the Falkland Islands. Meticulously researched and fully referenced, The Birds of the Falkland Islands represents the culmination of decades of fieldwork by the author and others. It summarizes our current knowledge of the status and distribution of birds in this fascinating archipelago.

A full introduction covers all the expected biogeographical and ecological ground, with strong emphasis on the history of human-avian interactions and the development of wildlife conservation - both among the author's special interests. The systematic list covers all 205 species whose occurrence in the Falklands is well-evidenced, plus another 54 species that require further confirmation. Seven appendices and 32 pages of color photographs complete the work. This definitive account of Falklands birds will be an essential reference for all those with an interest in the amazing wildlife of the South Atlantic.

Not a field guide - the photos are of habitat and select bird species.

Our Opinion: The introduction covers geography, climate and weather, habitats, human impacts and responses, Ornithological history, overview of the avifauna, and palaeornithology. The species accounts that make up the systematic list include English, Latin, and alternative names, distribution, status, distribution and records in the Falklands, taxonomy, comments, and study material. This also includes a section of unconfirmed species. Appendices include a gazetteer of Falklands place names, complete list of confirmed birds, tables of species by status, location of study material, important bird areas, non-bird taxa mentioned in the text, and alternative scientific and common names. The book closes with References and a complete index of English and Latin names.

ISBN: 9780952288664

Publisher: British Ornithologists' Club

Year of Publication: 2017

Page Count: 256

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