Neotropical Owls: Diversity and Conservation

by Enriquez, Paula (Editor)
Neotropical Owls: Diversity and Conservation

Neotropical Owls: Diversity and Conservation

by Enriquez, Paula (Editor)

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This book integrates the current knowledge for owls' distribution and ecology in each Neotropical country. Each chapter analyze the diversity, distribution and conservation status of each owl species in 18 Neotropical countries.

This book presents a comprehensive biological and ecological information about owls in the neotropic area. In addition the book covers topics such as threats and conservation strategies for these nocturnal birds of prey from 18 Neotropical countries. Owls are a good example of diversification processes and have developed evolutionary characteristics themselves. These species are found almost everywhere in the world but most of them are distributed in tropical areas and about a third of them live in the Neotropics. This biogeographic region has a high biodiversity and even share lineages of species from other continents because at some point all were part of Pangea. Although we still have much to know and understand about this diverse, scarcely studied and threatened group this work aims to be a precedent for future and further research on the subject.

ISBN: 9783319571072

Publisher: Springer

Year of Publication: 2017

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