Avian Cognition

by Cate, Carel ten and Susan D. Healy, editors
Avian Cognition

Avian Cognition

by Cate, Carel ten and Susan D. Healy, editors

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The cognitive abilities of birds are remarkable: hummingbirds integrate spatial and temporal information about food sources, day-old chicks have a sense of numbers, parrots can make and use tools, and ravens have sophisticated insights in social relationships. This volume describes the full range of avian cognitive abilities, the mechanisms behind such abilities and how they relate to the ecology of the species. Synthesizing the latest research in avian cognition, a range of experts in the field provide first-hand insights into experimental procedures, outcomes and theoretical advances, including a discussion of how the findings in birds relate to the cognitive abilities of other species, including humans. The authors cover a range of topics such as spatial cognition, social learning, tool use, perceptual categorization and concept learning, providing the broader context for students and researchers interested in the current state of avian cognition research, its key questions and appropriate experimental approaches.108 illustrations. 3 tables.

ISBN: 9781107092389

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Year of Publication: 2017

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