Extinct Birds of Hawaii

by Walther, Michael; Julian P. Hume [Illustrator]
Extinct Birds of Hawaii

Extinct Birds of Hawaii

by Walther, Michael; Julian P. Hume [Illustrator]

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Extinct Birds of Hawaii captures the vanishing world of unique bird species that has slipped away in the Islands mostly due to human frivolity and unconcern. Richly illustrated, including paintings by Julian P. Hume, enables us to vicariously enjoy avian life unique to Hawaii that exists no longer. Extinct Birds of Hawai'i also sends a powerful message: Although Hawaii is well-known for its unique scenic beauty and its fascinating native flora, fauna, bird and marine life, it is also called the extinction capital of the world. The Islands' seventy-seven bird species and sub-species extinctions account for approximately fifteen percent of global bird extinctions during the last 700 years. On some islands over 80 percent of the original land bird species are now extinct. With the many agents of extinction still operating in the Islands forests, Hawaii's remaining native land birds are at a high risk of being lost forever.

ISBN: 9781939487612

Publisher: Mutual Publishing

Year of Publication: 2016

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