Raptor Medicine, Surgery and Rehabilitation

by David Scott
Raptor Medicine, Surgery and Rehabilitation

Raptor Medicine, Surgery and Rehabilitation

by David Scott

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Comprehensive, intensely practical, and extensively illustrated, this unique book consolidates years of practical knowledge of dealing with injured birds of prey. Outlining everything from handling and the intake examination through to practical procedures and the treatment of a comprehensive range of conditions and injuries, the book also advises readers on housing, rehabilitation and eventual release. With numerous rapid reference charts, this book is the one text that any avian or general veterinarian needs by the bench for the treatment of raptors and birds of prey.

This book is 'arranged in a very useful manner and has great information for people of all experience levels. I'm hoping it becomes a staple for all teaching hospitals.' -Dr. Dave McRuer, Director of Veterinary Services, Wildlife Center of Virginia, USA

ISBN: 9781780647463

Publisher: Stylus Publishing

Year of Publication: 2016

Page Count: 326

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