Birders of Africa: History of a Network

by Jacobs, Nancy J.
Birders of Africa: History of a Network

Birders of Africa: History of a Network

by Jacobs, Nancy J.

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Release Date: 5/19/2016

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In this unique and unprecedented study of birding in Africa, historian Nancy Jacobs reconstructs the collaborations between well-known ornithologists and the largely forgotten guides, hunters, and taxidermists who worked with them. Drawing on ethnography, scientific publications, private archives, and interviews, Jacobs asks: How did white ornithologists both depend on and operate distinctively from African birders? What investment did African birders have in collaborating with ornithologists? By distilling the interactions between European science and African vernacular knowledge, this stunningly illustrated work offers a fascinating examination of the colonial and postcolonial politics of expertise about nature. 16 color plates, 49 black and white illustraitons.

ISBN: 9780300209617

Publisher: Yale University Press

Year of Publication: 2016

Page Count: 352

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