National Parks of Costa Rica

by Basco, Gregory; Robin Kazmier
National Parks of Costa Rica

National Parks of Costa Rica

by Basco, Gregory; Robin Kazmier

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The unique geography and climate of Costa Rica provide the small country with extraordinary biodiversity-North American and South American species of flora and fauna can be found side by side there, taking advantage of the serendipitous conditions. The government of Costa Rica has shown a strong commitment to preserving their natural bounty. It has expressed this wildlife conservation ethic by establishing a robust network of national parks designed to protect pieces of every type of ecosystem and preserve watersheds. The country's twenty-six national parks and other protected areas comprise some 25 percent of its total landmass. The national park system, practically from the beginning, has been characterized by its ambition and innovative approach. As a result, today Costa Rica is home to the largest remaining (and expanding) patch of tropical dry forest in the world, the largest intact mangrove forest in Central America, legendary cloud forests, and numerous sea turtle nesting sites of global importance-to name just a few of its environmental accomplishments. This book features stunning photographs by Gregory Basco, a professional Costa Rica nature photographer which provides an unparalleled glimpse into the treasures of Costa Rica's parks. With stunning images and informative text, National Parks of Costa Rica imparts an appreciation for the richness of nature and the importance of environmental conservation.

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