Common Birds of Coastal Georgia

by Wilson, Jim
Common Birds of Coastal Georgia

Common Birds of Coastal Georgia

by Wilson, Jim

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Release Date: 1/1/2011

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Ideal for amateur birders, nature enthusiasts, and visitors to the Atlantic coast, this guide presents 103 species of birds commonly seen on the beaches and in the marsh and inland areas of Georgia’s coastal region. The guide features large color photographs for easy and immediate identification and is divided into three sections that reflect distinct types of coastal habitats, backyards, ponds and marshes, and shore and ocean. Within these three sections, the species are arranged by size of bird, from smaller birds, such as painted buntings, to larger ones, such as brown pelicans. Information for each bird species includes common and scientific names, distinguishing marks and characteristics, and descriptions of bird calls, typical habitats, and nesting and feeding behaviors. Accounts also show variations in plumage according to sex, age, and season. A perfect companion for residents and visitors alike, Common Birds of Coastal Georgia also serves as an excellent introduction to birding, bird identification, and conservation.

ISBN: 9780820338286

Publisher: University of Georgia Press

Year of Publication: 2011

Page Count: 240

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