One Flew into the Cuckoo's Egg: My Autobiography

by Oddie, Bill
One Flew into the Cuckoo's Egg: My Autobiography

One Flew into the Cuckoo's Egg: My Autobiography

by Oddie, Bill

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Release Date: 1/1/2009

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Comedian, birdwatcher, writer, environmental campaigner. Who is the real Bill Oddie? Best known for the wacky humor of the Goodies, and the irrepressible enthusiasm of his nature programs, off screen there has been a darker side. Bill has suffered from bouts of depression which have more than once taken him to the brink. Now he is back in control and wiser about the causes and the cure. Here he describes the childhood blighted by the absence of his mother who had been committed to a mental asylum when he was small. It was a lonely and difficult start to life, but there were to be happier times. Touring with the Cambridge Footlights in the 1960s saw him alongside the greatest comic talents of his generation - John Cleese and of course fellow Goodies Tim Brooke-Taylor and Graeme Garden. Soon the Goodies were to become one of the biggest comedy hits of the 1970s - bringing a new brand of surreal humor to our screens. Now as Britain's favorite birdwatcher Bill has turned his private passion into his most public role and hosted more than 20 nature programs for the BBC. He has also become a fervent and outspoken campaigner for the environment. It has been an extraordinary and far from straightforward journey. Bill Oddie takes us along with him in a memoir which is as witty, candid, curious, and as unconventional as the man himself.

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