The Merlin

by Sale, Richard

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The Merlin

The Merlin

by Sale, Richard

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Release Date: 2/17/2015

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The Merlin is a fascinating small falcon, standing outside the usual grouping of the 'True Falcons', and with a range that is confined to northern climes, an exclusive preference that is shared by only one other, the much larger Gyrfalcon.

This is the first comprehensive book on the species, covering its complete circumpolar range. The book starts with a general comments on the evolution of the True Falcons and thoughts on their grouping, then covers the general characteristics of the Merlin, the species' habitat, its diet, breeding (territory, displays, pair formation, nest sites, eggs, chick growth, nest predation and breeding success), migration and wintering, survival, the Merlin's friend and foes, and estimations of the world population. It also includes data gathered with a unit flown on a male Merlin.

Previous books by the author include the award-winning Gyrfalcon (co-produced with Russian expert Eugene Potapov), the Snowy Owl (also with Eugene Potapov), the first field guide to birds and mammals of the Arctic, A Complete Guide to Arctic Wildlife, and The Arctic: The Complete Story which covered all aspects of the area.

ISBN: 9780957173217

Publisher: Snowfinch Publishing

Year of Publication: 2015

Page Count: 304

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