Nocturnal Birds of Southern Africa

by Carlyon, John

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Nocturnal Birds of Southern Africa

Nocturnal Birds of Southern Africa

by Carlyon, John

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The owls, nightjars, Bat Hawk, night herons, thick-knees, coursers and other night birds of southern Africa. Nocturnal Birds of Southern Africa brings the largely unseen world of night birds to the reader in the pages of this authoritative photographic guide, the first to cover the full spectrum of these attractive but elusive creatures in the region in detail. The 300-plus pages of this attractive and colorful hardcover book are richly illustrated with nearly 400 high-quality photographs and illustrations, most of which have not previously been published. Photography is by John Carlyon and Penny Meakin, with additional photography by several leading bird photographers. This expansive portfolio of images covers all important aspects of typical adults, nests, eggs or nestlings, juveniles and habitats for each species discussed.

Text is informative and clearly written, unencumbered with technical jargon or data. Introductory chapters discuss this group of birds in general terms in the southern African context. The species accounts, covering owls, nightjars, the Bat Hawk, night herons, thick-knees and coursers as well as partially nocturnal birds in the southern African subregion, summarize current knowledge of these birds in an easily readable style.

Large, clear distribution maps show the global distribution of each species, and basic species facts and information can be gleaned at a glance from succinct information at the end of each chapter.

A new approach to the field identification of nightjars together with a unique set of images sheds fresh light on this difficult family of nocturnal birds. Photographic coverage of nightjar species extends to most of the described races including those of the European Nightjar, a publishing first.

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