Les Carnivora de Madagascar

by Goodman, Steven M.
Les Carnivora de Madagascar

Les Carnivora de Madagascar

by Goodman, Steven M.

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Release Date: 1/1/2012

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Publications in the series 'Guides sur la diversite biologique de Madagascar' serve several important purposes: To allow the dissemination of information, particularly in this case knowledge on the Malagasy biota; To allow Malagasy researchers to participate in an international forum of information exchange and the advancement of science; As an important step in the capacity building of emerging young Malagasy biologists. In French. A guide to the identification and natural history of the carnivorous mammals of Madagascar, with color photos and illustrations. Carnivores.

ISBN: 9782953892314

Publisher: Association Vahatra

Year of Publication: 2012

Page Count: 158

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