Bird Sounds of Ecuador: A Comprehensive Collection

by Moore, John V. ; Niels Krabbe, and Olaf Jahn
Bird Sounds of Ecuador: A Comprehensive Collection

Bird Sounds of Ecuador: A Comprehensive Collection

by Moore, John V. ; Niels Krabbe, and Olaf Jahn

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Release Date: 1/1/2013

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This final publication by John V. Moore Nature Recordings of the bird vocalizations from Ecuador culminates over 20 years of work, commencing with the publication of the 80-minute cassette Sounds of La Selva in 1993. In this new publication we combine all of our previous 11 publications into a single DVD with 9670 separate recordings of 1501 species in MP3 format. 2944 of the recordings were not published in our previous publications. Only 58% of all the recordings were made by the three authors. Thus, we have relied on altogether 156 recordists to assemble what we consider the most complete published sound presentation for a bird rich area. The recordings have no verbal announcements, are in MP3 format and the files are labeled (tagged) with embedded metadata, allowing searches for particular recordings on multi-media organizing software such as iTunes and mobile devices such as iPod, iPhone or Palm. Our goal is to achieve a high degree of completeness, not only presenting song repertoires but also a wide variety of calls and mechanical sounds. The DVD also contains is a digital booklet with detailed recording data in PDF, Word and Excel format as well as other pertinent information.

From John V. Moore: 'We have dedicated the publication to Paul Coopmans who, until his untimely death in 2006, was perhaps the number one expert on Ecuadorian bird vocalizations. His incredible library of recordings and complete attention to detail made him an indispensable member of the group that produced most of our Ecuador publications. He undoubtedly would have been one of the primary authors of this publication,and his unmatched knowledge and friendship are sorely missed.'

Publisher: John V. Moore

Year of Publication: 2013

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