Patterns of Reproductive Behaviour

by Morris, Desmond
Patterns of Reproductive Behaviour

Patterns of Reproductive Behaviour

by Morris, Desmond

Format: Hardcover

Release Date: 1/1/1970

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1970. 528 pp. 1970. 528 pp. Hardcover in Very Good condition, with a Very Good dust jacket. Dust jacket shows signs of minor wear, but no major flaws. Inside front fly leaf is clipped. The authorís main focus of attention has been on the unravelling of the complex visual signals that play such a significant part in the communication systems of animals during their aggressive sexual and parental encounters. As a comparative ethnologist, Dr. Morris first sets out to describe as precisely as possible the forms the patterns take, then he analyses them and attempts to uncover their casual influences, their survival value and, ultimately, their evolutionary development.


Publisher: McGraw-Hill

Year of Publication: 1970

Page Count: 528

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