Adventures Among Birds

by Hudson, W.H.
Adventures Among Birds

Adventures Among Birds

by Hudson, W.H.

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1983 Country Classics reprint of 1923 edition. 313 pp. Hardcover in Near-Fine condition with a Very Good dust jacket. Boards and pages are crisp, clean, and without major flaw. The pages have slight discoloration from age, but the text is not affected. Dust jacket shows some wear, but has no tears and the corners are sharp. Adventures Among Birds is almost a manifesto for the life of birds. Hudson's experience of different forms of birdlife is prodigious, and he weaves a thousand small anecdotes together into a rallying call against indifference to the beauty of birds. Adventures Among Birds is a collection of detailed little pictures of the feathered world and why it matters. Told with an unrelenting passion for its subject, Hudson's book is sure to draw you in with its countless beautiful descriptions in miniature.

ISBN: 1850040141

Publisher: Breslich & Foss

Year of Publication: 1983

Page Count: 313

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