Mammals of Mexico

by Ceballos, Gerardo

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Mammals of Mexico

Mammals of Mexico

by Ceballos, Gerardo

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957 pp., 574 color photos, 538 maps

Mammals of Mexico is the first reference in English on the more than 500 types of mammal species found in diverse Mexican habitats from the Sonoran Desert to the Chiapas cloud forests. Authoritative accounts are written by a Who's Who of experts overseen by famed mammalogist and conservationist Gerardo Ceballos.

Ten years in the making, Mammals of Mexico covers everything from obscure rodents to whales, bats, primates, and wolves. It is thoroughly illustrated with color photographs and meticulous artistic renderings, as well as range maps for each species. Introductory chapters discuss biogeography, conservation, and evolution. The final section of the book illustrates skulls, jaws, and tracks.

This unparalleled collection of scientific information on and photographs of Mexican wildlife belongs on the shelf of every mammalogist, in public and academic libraries, and in the hands of anyone curious about Mexico and its wildlife.

Mexico is a mega-diverse country, with one of the world's richest mammal faunas. Gerardo Ceballos is an internationally recognized scientist known for his remarkable breadth and insights. This book-built on the successful foundations of Los Mamíferos Silvestres de México and enlisting the contributions of numerous specialists-showcases both to great effect.-Bruce Patterson, The Field Museum

ISBN: 9781421408439

Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press

Year of Publication: 2014

Page Count: 957

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