Call Collect, Ask for Birdman

by Vardaman, James M.
Call Collect, Ask for Birdman

Call Collect, Ask for Birdman

by Vardaman, James M.

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1980. 247 pp. Very Good Hardcover in dust jacket. In 1979, Jim Vardaman began what would be the greatest adventure of his life; to be the first person to sight 700 species of North American birds within one year. To do this, he assembled a 'strategy council' to help him chart the location of each of the 811 eligible species of birds. In addition, he relied on the help of birdwatchers around the country, urging them to call him collect, and to 'ask for Birdman.' This is Jim Vardaman's story, a compelling account of one man's attempt to do what the experts said was impossible. This book will enthrall birdwatchers, and delight anyone who likes a tale of individual persistence and resourcefulness.

ISBN: 0312114257

Publisher: St. Martin's

Year of Publication: 1980

Page Count: 247

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