Avian Ecology

by Perrins, C.M. and T.R. Birkhead
Avian Ecology

Avian Ecology

by Perrins, C.M. and T.R. Birkhead

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Release Date: 1/1/1983

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1983. 221 pp. Paperback in Very Good condition. No major flaws present and the corners are sharp and un-bumped. Minor wear near spine from opening and using the book, but this presents no problem to the condition of the book. This book is directed at the advanced undergraduate, the immediate postgraduate, and the serious amateur wishing to know more about the ways of birds. The authors have presented an overview of 'key' areas of avian ecology and behavior, written in an evolutionary context, and the detailed bibliography included at the end of the book will allow particular points to be followed up in detail. This book will be of value to those with a special interest in avian ecology, behavioral ecology, population biology or evolutionary biology.

ISBN: 0412004119

Publisher: Blackie & Son

Year of Publication: 1983

Page Count: 221

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