Bird Homes and Habitats

by Thompson, Bill III

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Bird Homes and Habitats

Bird Homes and Habitats

by Thompson, Bill III

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Rounding out the series that includes Identifying and Feeding Birds and Hummingbirds and Butterflies, Bird Homes and Habitats helps homeowners enhance their backyards even more with advice on how to provide shelter and nests for birds.

Which birds use nest boxes? What's required to maintain a birdhouse? What kind of habitat will attract which birds? What does it take to be a bluebird trail operator? What does it mean if the baby birds or eggs disappear from their nest?

In this third book in the Peterson Field Guides/Bird Watcher's Digest Backyard Bird Guides series, Bill Thompson answers all of these questions and more, helping readers to create yards and gardens where birds will make their home and raise their young.

A lavishly illustrated chapter provides ideas and inspiration by profiling Birdy Backyard All-Stars, fifteen homeowners from around the country who've actively worked to create bird-friendly habitats.

ISBN: 9780618904464

Publisher: Houghton Millfin Harcourt

Year of Publication: 2013

Page Count: 203

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