True Pheasants: A Noble Quarry

by Pfarr, James
True Pheasants: A Noble Quarry

True Pheasants: A Noble Quarry

by Pfarr, James

Format: Hardcover

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Considered by many to be jewels of nature, the genus Phasianus (true pheasants) faces elimination in its Asian range, and hybridization in captivity. Wishing to preserve for posterity the true phenotypes, the author presents an in-depth study, which includes actual museum specimens, detailed anatomical plates, identification and distribution information. A tribute to the spectacular true pheasants. Color images throughout, museum photos. 266 Photos. 50 Illustrations.Size 11 in X 8.5 in. Hardcover with dustjacket.

ISBN: 9780888397027

Publisher: Hancock House

Year of Publication: 2012

Page Count: 248

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