Biological Anomalies: Birds

by Corliss, William R.
Biological Anomalies: Birds

Biological Anomalies: Birds

by Corliss, William R.

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Birds are everywhere: some can fly high over the Himalayas, others can dive as deep as 500 meters in the oceans, some migrate unerringly from one end of the earth to the other. With more than 9,000 species recognized, birds present us with hundreds of scientific puzzles to solve.

Typical subjects covered: Asymmetric birds * Wing claw and spurs * Inherited callosities * Unrelated birds that look alike * Enigmas of avian instincts * The intelligence of birds * An avian aesthetic sense? * Birds that roost upside down * The insiduous nature of brood parasitism * Avian battles, courts, funerals * Unsolved mysteries of migration * Poisonous birds * The unique avian respiratory system * The two-voice pheonomenon * Echolocation in birds. 150 illus., 3 index, 1170 references, 7' x 10'.

ISBN: 0915554321

Publisher: The Sourcebook Project

Year of Publication: 1998

Page Count: 486

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