A Birdwatching Guide to Brandenburg and Berlin, Germany

by White, Roger
A Birdwatching Guide to Brandenburg and Berlin, Germany

A Birdwatching Guide to Brandenburg and Berlin, Germany

by White, Roger

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Release Date: 1/1/2012

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Finding Guide=A guide to the best birdwatching locations
This guide details 110 sites in and around Berlin, Germany with detailed information on access, habitat and species. It contains colour maps and photographs throughout, and a calendar with seasonal highlights. There are suggested itineraries and recommendations on where to stay in this exciting but under-recognised region, as well as tips on finding sought-after specialities such as lesser spotted eagle, great bustard, little crake, thrush nightingale, river warbler, red-breasted flycatcher and rosefinch, and the best sites for seeing thousands of wintering geese, or the autumn crane migration.

Our Opinion: This wonderful book covers the entire state of Brandenburg, in Northeast Germany, which has a particularly rich diversity of birds, some of which are either rare in the UK and Western Europe, or are present here in exceptional numbers.

The introduction includes Location and Description of the Area, Outline of the Guide, Travel, Accomodation and Maps, Vocabulary, Protected Areas (including National Parks, Biosphere reserves, Natureparks, and Nature Reserves), Calendar, and a Species Summary. The sites include a short description, access details, and a list of possible species. Maps and photos of the area are included when possible, and the author provides guidance on parking details and on paths and roads to follow, best viewing points, and details of public transport for urban areas. The book concludes with a regular species list, with English, German, and Scientific Names, a list of German names in alphabetical order with their English counterpart, References and information sources, a species index, and a general index.

This is a very well-produced guide, with clear, detailed maps, and a wealth of helpful information.

ISBN: 9780957169500

Publisher: Roger White

Year of Publication: 2012

Page Count: 230

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