Birding Trails: Montana

by Robbins, Chuck
Birding Trails: Montana

Birding Trails: Montana

by Robbins, Chuck

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Finding Guide=A guide to the best birdwatching locations
240 birding trails with over 200 species. Now including GPS. Describes each birding trail with a list of key birds, the best time of year to visit each trail, the type of terrain, size, and complete directions to each area, many with maps of each trail.

Montana is one of the great birding states, from sandhill cranes to prairie chickens and sage grouse. From 100,000 snow geese at a time on Freezeout Lake to western bluebirds, glossy ibis, white-tailed kites, crested caracaras, Iceland gulls, Carolina wrens, curve-billed thrashers, and hundreds of other song birds. Montana is the best place for both great birding and wildlife viewing. Many of the birding hot spots also have a wide variety of wildlife including elk, antelope, moose, and grizzly and black bears.

Chuck Robbins has spent 20 years traveling the state birding and wildlife watching. Chuck has divided the state into six regions: Glacier Country, Southwest Montana, Central Montana, Yellowstone Country, Missouri River Country, and Southeast Montana. Chuck describes each of the birding locations, the key birds, the best seasons for birding, and the area description along with driving directions and GPS coordinates. There are six regional maps showing the birding locations in each region, along with over 70 maps of individual locations. More than 100 outstanding color photos of key birds are included.

Montana is the fourth largest state with less than 1 million residents, offering great uncrowded birding opportunities. With two national parks (Glacier and Yellowstone), thirteen national wildlife refuges, hundreds of wildlife management areas, as well as state parks and 40 Montana Important Bird Areas (IBAs) Montana is a must place for incredible bird and wildlife watching.

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