Birding Trails Texas: Panhandle; Prairies & Pineywoods

by Foster, Jim
Birding Trails Texas: Panhandle; Prairies & Pineywoods

Birding Trails Texas: Panhandle; Prairies & Pineywoods

by Foster, Jim

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Finding Guide=A guide to the best birdwatching locations
216 Birding Trails for the Avid Birder, covering all of Northern Texas and Northeastern Texas.

Texas is one of the outstanding birding states, with over 400 species of birds. Texas Birding Trails features 220 North Texas birding trails and locations.

Jim Foster, a noted birder, describes each trail with a list of key birds, the best time of year to visit the site, directions, terrain and size of the area, and complete directions to each trail. There are over 200 full-color photos of the key species of birds and over 30 trail maps and a birder's check list. The Panhandle has 51 birding sites with a number of key birds: Golden-fronted Woodpecker, Bald Eagle, Sandhill Crane, Scissor-tail Flycatcher, Pyrrhuloxia, Burrowing Owl as well as 20 species of ducks and many more birds.

The Prairies and Pineywoods - West has 90 trails or sites with many key birds such as the Spotted Towhee, Yellow-throated Vireo, Tundra Swan, Bewick’s Wren, Orchard Oriole, the Western Kingbird and many more.

The Prairies and Pineywoods -East has 79 birding trails and an opportunity to see the Pileated Woodpecker, Red-shouldered Hawk, Greater Roadrunner, Red-eyed Vireo, Greater-crested Flycatcher and many more.

Birding is big in Texas, with over 2.5 million resident birders and thousands of non-resident birders who visit the state each year. Texas is one of the top five birding states in the U.S. with over 400 different species of birds. Currently, there are over 48 million birders in the country of which 20 million travel an average of 14 days each year to pursue their birding passion. Texas Birding Trails is a must book for both Texas and non-resident birders who want to see and record the many unusual birds.

Our Opinion: Finally a birder's guide to Northern Texas. Site information includes Key birds, best season, area description, directions, maps, site information, and contact information. The book is also full of color photos of some of the best birds you will see; a bit of armchair inspiration. Additional helpful info includes Wildlife Management Areas of Texas, Texas State Parks, Chambers of Commerce, Texas Audubon Chapters, and a Texas Bird List, plus an index that includes both birds and locations.

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