How to Be a Better Birder

by LOVITCH, Derek
How to Be a Better Birder

How to Be a Better Birder

by LOVITCH, Derek

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This unique illustrated handbook provides all the essential tools you need to become a better birder. Here Derek Lovitch offers a more effective way to go about identification the calls it the Whole Bird and More approach that will enable you to identify more birds, more quickly, more of the time. He demonstrates how to use geography, an understanding of habitats, ecology, and even the weather to enrich your birding experience and find something out of the ordinary. Lovitch shows how to track nocturnal migrants using radar, collect data for bird conservation, discover exciting rarities, develop patch lists, and much more. This is the ideal resource for intermediate and advanced birders. Whether you want to build a bigger list or simply learn more about birds, How to Be a Better Birder will take your birding skills to the next level.

* Explains the Whole Bird and More approach to bird identification
* Demonstrates how to use geography, habitats, ecology, and the weather to be a better birder
* Shows how to bird at night using radar, collect conservation data, develop patch lists and more.
* Offers essential tools for intermediate and advanced birders

Our Opinion: Lovitch offers explanations in advanced identification and a better understanding of the world around you to improve your skills. Rather than relying on rare bird alerts, expand your studies to weather, geography, habitats, and ecology so you will understand why a rare bird could be expected, where, and when, and be able to anticipate it.

The ABA blog entry written by Rick Wright says it all:

ISBN: 9780691144481

Publisher: Princeton University Press

Year of Publication: 2012

Page Count: 192

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